Local Escapes: Off-Grid Tiny Cabins

tiny cabins

COMPILED BY Gina Dionisio

These local off-grid hideaways are perfect secluded retreats for those wishing to escape the chaos of city living.

The one thing these cabins all have in common? They’re minimalist in design with their focus firmly placed on the natural surroundings. Here are a few of our favourite local ‘tiny cabins’ which offer up uninterrupted views of rolling valleys, undulating mountain peaks and indigenous fynbos.

Oudebosch Eco-Cabins, Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Tiny Cabins

Nestled within the southern stretch of the Hottentots Holland mountain range, a renowned World Heritage Site just a few hours outside of Cape Town, the Kogelberg Cabins blend seamlessly into the surrounding mountains. When it comes to design, KLG Architects wanted to focused on the preservation of the natural environment and the use of off-grid technology, as far as possible.

Visit capenature.co.za for more.

Zenkaya Cabin, Pretoria

Tiny Cabins

Back in 2005, the Zenkaya concept was launched at Decorex JHB and for the first time, design-conscious South Africans were presented with a homegrown modular housing solution that was both innovative and aesthetically pleasing. In 2019 the unit was given a second lease on life within a forested glade on the Greenhouse Café-Rosemary Hill property. It now serves as the perfect place for a tranquil and private weekend retreat.

Visit rosemaryhill.co.za for more.

Sondagskloof Wooden Chalets, Overberg

Tiny Cabins

The idea behind the Sondagskloof Wooden Chalets was to build two eco-friendly guest pods that have a minimum impact on the environment. Created by Swissline Design, the 50 minsulated timber frame homes are made from a combination of solid Siberian Larch with black sheeting and a charred facade, created using the traditional Japanese method of burning timber. 

Visit sondagskloof.co.za for more.

Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway, Rawsonville

Tiny Cabins

These custom designed SPAAS Pods are made from lightweight steel (LWS), which has many efficiencies: it’s accurate, square, environmentally friendly and extremely strong. The idea behind the Pods is to have a light footprint and minimal impact on the environment, and to be completely off the grid. The matte-black exterior blends into the environment like a shadow, while the soft, warm interiors are inviting and cosy.

Visit trouthaven.co.za for more.

KolKol Fynbos Pods, Overberg

Tiny Cabins

The KolKol Fynbos Pods have taken cabin design to the next level – situated in the landscape, seemingly hovering above it, yet also at one with the slope of the mountainside. The “box” shape was cast on site from reinforced concrete and the severe rectangular lines are softened by the curves, as well as by the fact that the exterior of the concrete shell is entirely clad in rough-hewn, dark-stained timber. The wooden doors at the front allow for the views to be panoramic even when the pod is entirely closed to the elements.

Visit kolkol.co.za for more.