Cool Spaces: Da Nang House by AD9 Architects

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Quang Tran

Da Nang House by AD9 Architects is a unique family home in Vietnam with a design centred around contrasting living blocks and a balance of space and proximity, light and dark, contemporary geometrics and organic shapes.

Located on the VIP island in Hoa Xuan of Da Nang City, an urban area surrounded by the Cam Le and Do Toa rivers, the home’s design is sensitive to the surrounding noise and harsh climate of central Vietnam. The elongated structure features tall blind sides covered by concrete that enclose strategically-placed empty spaces to afford an uninterrupted flow of fresh air, pockets of greenery and gentle pools of natural light.

The home’s façade is punctuated by playful circular windows and concrete balcony masses; affording the appearance of balancing blocks and alluding to the dynamics of equilibria within. The opposite nature of each of the living spaces makes for continuity between rooms and floors whilst affording ephemerality of lightscapes throughout the day.

Da Nang House by AD9 Architects

At the back of the home, an indoor courtyard runs across all four storeys and features a wall covered with small square windows that shelter it from the elements. An extruded chimney-like volume offers vertical ventilation from the sloping roof whilst directing natural light within. It is the central axis of the dwelling, around which staircases are surrounded to encourage inhabitants’ interaction from the various levels. On the ground level, a handmade card shop is enclosed in metal mesh.

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