New Development: Hyde Park House

WORDS Amelia Brown

This forward-thinking property development in Hyde Park, Joburg, aims to bring together the best of the city and the suburbs.

Its developers, Propertuity (the developers behind Drive Lines and Hallmark House) and Narrative_, together with its designer, architect Enrico Daffonchio of Daffonchio Architects, have coined this balance of energy and tranquility, privacy and community as “superurban”.

A considered, deliberate approach was used to tie the development to its surroundings. This entailed consulting the neighbours and community, retaining some of the existing architecture, and keeping as many existing trees as possible.

The mix of studios, one to three bedroom apartments and standalone houses caters to various needs. Small apartments are at the back of the site, with 250 m2 clusters at the front. According the Daffanchio team, this scaled solution “binds the development better with the surrounding urban fabric”. In addition, the design of each unit has been individually considered to optimise natural light, views and access to unique amenities, while maintaining privacy.

Hyde Park House seeks to disrupt the “status quo” of the traditional Joburg suburb by combining public and private living with gardens, art, culture and urbanism. As a result, shared amenities are central to the concept of the development. These include a sculpture garden, a club house, a pool area, an urban farm, a children’s playground, and an outdoor gym facility.

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