Norwegian Forest Cabin

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Bruce Damonte

Mylla, a forest cabin designed by Mork Ulnes Architects, is a work of wooden art nestled in the expansive pine forest just beyond the borders of Oslo, Norway.

At just 84-square-metres, this cosy cabin is a sanctuary for a geologist and his family, perched on a hilltop and designed in direct conversation with its natural surroundings.

Uniquely, Mylla boasts a split gable roof that results in four shed structures in a pinwheel formation. With the unforgiving Norwegian winter in mind, the outdoor spaces feature sufficient coverage to protect the family from falling snow and biting winds. Aiming for a seamless connection between what is natural and what is  manmade, the exterior features untreated heart pine planks intended to showcase seasonal changes as they grey and warp over time.

The interior is compact, contemporary and uses space innovatively to comfortably accommodate 10 people across three bedrooms. Each room features custom plywood furniture and a uniquely engaging view of the landscape; from Mylla lake and grassy knolls bordered by silver skies to swaying tree canopies and unending walls of forest.

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