Federico Babina’s Archistyle

WORDS Malibongwe Tyilo IMAGES federicobabina.com

Italian architect Federico Babina has made a name for himself as an artist through his series of illustrations that re-imagine various subjects in architectural forms.

We have seen him re-imagine zoo animals as famous architectural structures, or buildings in the style of famous film directors, amongst many other interpretations.

For his latest series of 16 illustrations, Babina looks to the major architectural movements of the last century. “Architecture changes with society, follows the society, and sometimes guides it,” he says. “It’s easy to see the changes of the society through the mutation of the spaces we inhabit. Walking through a contemporary city we can often observe sequences of buildings with different shapes, various styles and heterogeneous languages that coexist in an architectural (dis)order. They are like the pieces of a mosaic that relates the passage of time. It is not difficult to see an art deco building that touches a deconstructivist structure in a timeless embrace.”

You’ll find more of Babina’s illustration series at federicobabina.com.

(h/t) designboom.com