Federico Babina’s ARCHIZOO

COMPILED BY Malibongwe Tyilo

ARCHIZOO is a series of illustrations by Italian architect, Federico Babina. In the series, he reimagines zoo animals in familiar architectural forms. A giraffe becomes the Eiffel Tower, a seal becomes London’s landmark Gherkin building and a tiny mouse takes on a grand stature in the shape of Dubai’s seven-star Burj Al Arab.

When explaining the inspiration behind ARCHIZOO, Federico says, “When I was a child I wanted to be an architect and now that I’m an architect I would like sometimes to go back to my childhood. Our mind is capable of collecting, recording, and storing millions of images. One thing that always interests me is the association that we can do between these images.”

To view more of Federico’s work, visit federicobabina.com.

(Story via Archdaily.com)


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