Diary: Local Exhibitions

You can view numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums both online or by appointment. We’ve rounded up a list of virtual tours and shows for you to enjoy.

Barnard Gallery 

Hopes & Dreams Part III Group Exhibition

Until 26 October 2020

Maria Torp – Sleeping

Hopes & Dreams, an online exhibition in three parts, includes a selection of images and works by artists from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia that consider and acknowledge our shared vulnerability while looking to and dreaming of a brighter future. Each part reflects on the notion of Hopes & Dreams in broad terms and explores this through a particular medium.

This, the third and final visual episode of the Hopes & Dreams series explores paintings and mixed media work by Maria Torp (Denmark),Tom Cullberg (Cape Town), Lien Botha (Cape Town), Robyn Penn (Johannesburg), Jaco van Schalkwyk (Johannesburg), Katherine Spindler (Cape Town), Vanessa Cowling (Cape Town) and Olaf Hajek (Germany).

For more information, visit barnardgallery.com.

99 Loop

Life, Death & All the Fear In-Between Solo Exhibition by Ilené Bothma

Until 31 October 2020

With her latest body of work, Ilené Bothma lifts the veil on the particular anxieties of motherhood, as well as its inextricable love. The exhibition presents a series of extraordinarily detailed portraits of her two young children, herself and her husband – all seemingly peacefully asleep. The translucent skin and the poses of the sleepers, with their hands resting gently on their chests, or their forms obscured under fabric, give us pause, though. Are they only asleep? Ilené uses the conceit of these somnolent subjects to explore in oil paint and watercolour one of the central tenets of human life: the deeply existential angst around dying and, more specifically, the death of loved ones.

For more information, visit 99loop.co.za.

Chandler House

Tree Dreams Solo Exhibition by Maria Baumann

Until 31 October 2020

South African Children Tree

“When I first started thinking about this exhibition a year ago, I imagined road trips all over South Africa to observe the trees particular to different regions and the creatures that made them their homes,” says Maria Baumann. “When traveling became an impossibility, I decided that instead of painting actual trees I would paint fantasies of trees, or – Tree Dreams. Rather than accurate, botanical versions, these are images of trees as they exist in my imagination. Researching the birds and animals particular to a region has become an illustrated daydream, a longing for a time when we can adventure out again.”

Signed and editioned prints of the works on exhibition are available upon request.

For more information, visit chandlerhouse.co.za.

Salon 91

Good Vibrations Solo Exhibition by Chloe Townsend

Until 31 October 2020

Leather applique on canvas, 2020

A true celebration of female creativity and power, this body of work was created and produced by the artist in collaboration with the talented team at Missibaba. The show will open on Wednesday the 07th of October 2020. This collection features Chloe’s latest leather appliqué pieces on canvas, as well as paintings and collage artworks.

For more information, visit salon91.co.za.

Ardmore Online Exhibition

Until 31 October 2020

Staying at home during the lockdown afforded Ardmore’s artists the time and opportunity to reflect upon and interpret the narrative of this perplexing turnabout in history. An incredible new collection enables us to “ hear” the artist’s lockdown stories, as interpreted through the modelling of clay. Ardmore is delighted to present these extraordinary pieces, created while the Ardmore studio was closed.

For more information, visit ardmoreceramics.co.za.

Monaghan Farm, Lanseria

Occasions by The Storer

31 October – 1 November 2020

Occasions is a lifestyle event curated by The Storer, in conjunction with local businesses and artisans. Guests will be able to relax at the picturesque Monaghan Farm and shop at their leisure. Lunch will be a locally sourced gourmet picnic basket filled with delicious fare by top South African chef Andrea Burgener of The Leopard restaurant.

For more information, visit thestorer.co.


Nothwala impahlana Solo Exhibition by Asemahle Ntlonti

Until 5 November 2020

eZonzibileni I&II

In this exhibition, Asemahle Ntlonti recreates a personal dreamscape; a sacred space she enters for healing and cleansing. Her series of intuitive paintings, and the immersive environment they create, are an expression of joy, seeking of peace, and expulsion of pain.

There There Solo Exhibition by Maja Marx

Until 6 November 2020

Sanguine I

“In my work, all is surface,” says Maja Marx. “When I paint, I find myself in midpoint, I am balanced between looking and touching – every intake of air; a measurement of what I can find on the skin of the canvas; every exhalation, an extended stare, a consideration of the place between the surface of the painting and my eye. I am in arbitration, in passage, in the middle of it. I am in between my intention and my reaction to the marks that I have laid down before.”

For more information, visit whatiftheworld.com.

Wildekrans Country House, Houw Hoek

Eat The Tomatoes Where You Are From Solo Exhibition by Alice Toich 

31 October – 8 November 2020

Eat The Tomatoes Where You Are From is a collection of paintings celebrating the garden, growth, spring and the unique circumstances we find ourselves in. All works have been painted “from life” in oil paint by Alice Toich and will be displayed in the barn at Wildekrans Country House. Named after the “wild cliffs” at the bottom of the rambling garden, the Wildekrans farm dates back to 1811. The traditional Cape Dutch architecture, countered by a contemporary art collection, offers a city energy with a country soul, while the Houw Hoek Mountains make for a dramatic natural backdrop. This established garden of colourful roses, indigenous shrubs, aged trees, an olive grove and water gardens forms part of Elgin Open Gardens 2020. Expect farm shopping, picnic boxes (please book ahead) and all things food in the gardens this year.

Entrance to the garden is free, but Wildekrans kindly asks that visitors make a donation at the door, which will go to the Bot River Education Fund.

For more information about the exhibition, visit alicetoich.com or wildekrans.co.za.


William Kentridge’s City Deep Solo Exhibition

From 6 October to 12 November 2020

City Deep

City Deep is the anticipated 11th film in Kentridge’s Drawings for Projection, a series of animated films drawn over 30 years, featuring the protagonist Soho Eckstein.

Like previous films in the series, City Deep is grounded within Kentridge’s home city of Johannesburg and can be viewed as a counterpoint to the 1990 film, Mine, which depicts images of the deep level mining industry. City Deep extends this depiction to the informal, surface-level Zama Zama miners of current day Johannesburg.

Kentridge’s films are ambiguous in their final meaning. There is an invitation for a viewer to meet the films halfway and complete the meanings with the associations and memories evoked by the film. In the present context, one of the associations City Deep pushes forward is contemporary iconoclasm, as scenes of colonial monuments and statues being toppled over are spread across the world.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.com.


Water Mark Solo Exhibition by Laurel Holmes

Until 14 November 2020

All Awash

A painter and printmaker, Laurel’s work is drawn from her strong attachment to the land, its sense of place and the life it supports.

“I am interested in the aesthetic of nature, which has been deeply influential throughout my life,” says Laurel. “The idea of water and its mark is used in my work to refer to the metaphoric ebb and flow of human lives: the departure and return or the swirling of emotions and experiences.”

For more information, visit stateoftheart-gallery.com.

blank projects

Love Your Symptom, But Not Too Much Group Show

Until 14 November 2020

Gerda Scheepers – Love Your Symptom, But Not Too Much

A group exhibition including work by Melike Kara, Kresiah Mukwazhi, Chemu Ng’ok, Gerda Scheepers and Olivia Sterling.

For more information, visit blankprojects.com.

Lerotholi Gallery

Revering the Ordinary Solo Exhibition by Gerald Tabata

Until 16 November 2020

Ghetto Children

Revering the Ordinary is a collection of paintings that are a poetic depiction of the mundane, that may inspire in the viewer a renewed appreciation for freedom of movement, the reigniting of relationships and a tentative return to the daily rhythms of human interaction. “What I love about art is that I can create something from nothing,” says Gerald Tabata. “I love the creative process. For me, art is more than just a career. Art is like I’m breathing. It is my passion. That driving force is not one thing. There are many things that make me want to create.”

For more information, visit Lerotholi Gallery on Facebook.

FNB Art Joburg Online Edition

6 November – 18 November 2020

As part of the upcoming exciting online edition, FNB Art Joburg has announced exhibitor details of its upcoming digital show taking place in November.

Divided into two sections, the main section and Gallery LAB, this year’s line up boasts 33 galleries from 13 countries including Angola, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Germany, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The 2020 edition of Gallery LAB features solo presentations and for the first time in the fair’s history, was open to both proposals from galleries and independent curators working with independent artists.

Co-curated by Banele Khoza and Nicole Siegenthaler, the 2020 LAB section exhibits augmented reality installations in addition to the traditional selection of artwork images on online fairs. FNB Art Joburg online fair viewers will be able to experience the LAB A/R galleries on their mobile phones. The FNB Art Prize will celebrate its 10th edition this year and will be announced later this month with an online Facebook Premiere event for audiences around the world to tune into.

For more information, visit artjoburg.com.

6 Spin Street, Cape Town

Sujay Sanan’s Ultramarine Solo Exhibition

31 October – 20 November 2020

Cape Town-based artist Sujay Sanan’s new body of graphite drawings are on display from 31 October until 20 November at 6 Spin Street, Cape Town. The opening will run from 11 AM – 4pm.

For more information, follow @sujaysanan on Instagram.

Southern Guild 

Solace Group Show

Until 4 December 2020

Stanislaw Trzebinski – Nestle Chair, pigmented epoxy resin and PLA.

Southern Guild presents Solace, a group show launching new furniture, sculpture, ceramics and lighting inspired by this unprecedented period in our history. This wide-ranging exhibition will showcase work by more than 20 artists, including Andile Dyalvane, Chuma Maweni, Gregor Jenkin, Madoda Fani, Rich Mnisi, Stanislaw Trzebinski and Zizipho Poswa, to name a few.

Some of the works were made under difficult or restricted circumstances that saw the artists move into their studios or set up makeshift workspaces at home. The challenges presented an opportunity to rethink their approach, work on a different scale, or experiment with different materials. For many, lockdown became a formative time of focus and concentration, propelling their practice forwards in unexpected ways.

For more information, visit southernguild.co.za.

Deepest Darkest Gallery

Confessionale Group Exhibition, Featuring Henk Serfontien, Marieke Kruger and Wilma Cruise

Until 5 December 2020

Wilma Cruise – Hebe

Confessionale sees the meeting of these three artists in a space reminiscent of a “confessional box”, where sins are confessed in secret, providing a platform for interactive visual dialogue surrounding this idea of “confession” – inwardly, outwardly, and between each other.

In doing so, underlying hidden narratives and experiences are explored and eluded to, binding common denominators between the three artists’ shared interest in the fractured and wounded human body, with the gallery as a meditative space. The significance of the actual process of making, the preoccupation with surface and the nature of the material itself are key themes of the show. The therapeutic and transformative process of making is explored – the alchemical process of being and becoming, in which case the very act of making or drawing becomes a ritualistic and meditative act towards arriving at a possible “new space of  being”, a new situation, a new beginning.

For more information, visit deepestdarkerstart.com.

Ultimate Summer Pop Up at V&A

Unmasked Solo Exhibition by Marie-Louise Koen

Until the end of 2020

Drawing inspiration from the current climate over the past few months, Cape Town-born, New York City-based artist and designer Marie-Louise Koen, on behalf of her brand llounique by MLK, draws attention and speaks to all the “self-imposed” and societal driven masks we choose to wear on a daily basis.

Through this “print series” collection. Marie-Louise encourages the viewers to seek their own truth, their own independence, by identifying their chosen masks in the form of perceptions and expectations placed on them by society or perhaps even themselves and exposing the real people behind them.

For more information, visit llounique.com.


Home Is Where The Art Is: Art Is Where The Home Is Group Exhibition

22 October – 10 January 2021

After a closure of more than seven months due to the nationwide lockdown, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) has announced its reopening on 22 October, with details of its first open submission exhibition.

Titled Home Is Where The Art Is: Art Is Where The Home Is, the exhibition marks a welcome to all Capetonians – from Atlantis to Gordon’s Bay and Khayelitsha – not just as museum visitors, but as participants.

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum.

New Exhibitions at Norval Foundation

New exhibitions include:

Recent Acquisitions by the Homestead Collection

Until 18 January 2021

Photo: Michael Hall

And then you see yourself: Zanele Muholi

Until 18 January 2021

Somnyama in Lafayette New York, 2016

Alt and Omega: Jackson Hlungwani

Until 26 July 2021

Photo: Michael Hall

iiNyanga Zonyaka: Athi-Patra Ruga

Until 26 July 2021

Photo: Michael Hall

The long-awaited reopening of the Norval Foundation galleries and sprawling sculpture
gardens just in time for spring features four powerful exhibitions – the result of hard work by
the Norval Foundation curatorial and management teams to welcome the public back with
quality art experiences, while maintaining their top priority of ensuring the health, safety and
comfort of all visitors and staff.

To manage numbers and ensure social distancing, all visitors, including members, will
need to book a timed ticket – preferably online, but time slots can also be purchased upon
arrival. Tickets are available online, alongside the latest information and guidance on how
to visit. Only 50 visitors will be allowed in the museum at time, and a one-way route has
been introduced to facilitate distancing and reduce potential contact.

For more information, visit norvalfoundation.org.


Nkhensani Mkhari’s Porous Borders Solo Exhibition

Exhibition will run until further notice

Wild Horses

Time, space and colour. This is how Nkhensani Mkhari invites you into the photographic world he conjures. The human figures are not always fully revealed, they lurk in the shadows. Their faces blurred, hidden, or partially covered. Nkhensani says “I hide people because of the politics…” He is referring to the politics of representation, which belabours a lot of black photography. Not surprisingly, the question of power is paramount, and the representation of the uneven play of power is precisely rendered.

For more information, visit bkhz.art.

Cavalli Gallery

Reciprocity Solo Exhibition by Kelly John Gough

25 October 2020 – until further notice

Silent Wisdom

The Cavalli Estate gallery space is reopening with a brand-new solo exhibition by Kelly John Gough.

For more information, visit cavalliestate.com.