Diary: Local Exhibitions

While some galleries and museums may still be closed for visiting, there are some amazing exhibitions that you can view online or by appointment. We’ve rounded up a list of virtual tours and shows for you to enjoy.


Back of the Moon Solo Exhibition by Neo Matloga

Until 30 June 2020

Neo Matloga, Motho waka, 2020, collage, charcoal, liquid charcoal and ink on canvas, 180 x 160cm, photographed at the artist’s Limpopo studio.

STEVENSON Johannesburg is pleased to present Back of the Moon by Neo Matloga, the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Based between South Africa and the Netherlands, Neo describes his process as straddling choreography, conducting and creation. Inspired by scenes in plays, local soap operas and family albums, he manipulates images taken from books and magazines digitally, then overlays painterly compositions in charcoal, ink and liquid charcoal to produce orchestral combinations he terms “collage paintings”.

Click here to see the exhibition online.


WOZA at Home Zoom Experience

4 July 2020

Stuck indoors and feel like you’ve watched everything on Netflix (twice)? Wherever you are, join us for WOZA at home, an online mix of music, creative workshops, cocktail making and art-led conversation. The fun starts online at 6pm until 9pm (GMT +2) on Saturday 4 July. Pay what you can with the different ticket options. Book your tickets here.

For more information, visit zeitzmocaa.museum.

SMITH Gallery Cape Town

From My Balcony To Yours Solo Exhibition by Rosie Mudge

Until 15 July 2020

Run away turn away run away turn away Run away, 2020

In this body of work Rosie further explores her chosen medium of automotive paint and glitter glue and attempts to articulate that which cannot be said. They operate as artful Rorschach tests where each viewer may see something different – revealing something of their inner psyche. The surfaces of her paintings dance in front of one’s eyes. The effect is incantatory.

To book a private tour, visit smithstudio.co.za. To view the exhibition online, click here.

Gallery MOMO

Until 16 July 2020

Adolf Tega’s Mwana Wevhu (Son of the Soil) Solo Exhibition 

Day Dreamer

Gallery MOMO is proud to present Mwana wevhu (Son of the Soil), an online solo exhibition by Adolf Tega.

Characterised by Adolf’s faculty to appraise life spiritually and philosophically, Mwana wevhu is a Shona expression that translates to “Son of the Soil”. The exhibition probes a range of themes about the human condition including memories, culture, religion and tradition. The artist tackles identity, global migration and displacement as he explores untapped potential, new beginnings and legacy.

View the exhibition online, here.


Why Should I Hesitate: Putting Drawings To Work Solo Exhibition by William Kentridge

Until 31 July 2020

Why Should I Hesitate: Putting Drawings to Work is a major exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist, William Kentridge. The exhibition will be the largest exhibition held in Africa in over a decade and will be hosted simultaneously in two parts, alongside Norval Foundation‘sWhy Should I Hesitate: Sculpture.

Why Should I Hesitate: Putting Drawings To Work – at Zeitz MOCAA – offers a wide survey of William Kentridge’s work, including early works, as well as newer pieces on view for the first time in South Africa. It covers over 40 years of artistic production (1976 – 2019) in drawing, stop-frame animation, video, prints, sculpture, tapestry and large-scale installation.

Click here to listen to the AfriSam Art Audio Tour for this exhibition.

Five Bhobh – Painting at the End of an Era Group Exhibition

Five Bhobh – Painting At the End of an Era is an exhibition of contemporary painting from Zimbabwe, featuring 29 artists from the country.

Five Bhobh (pronounced “five bob”) is the average fare needed to journey locally by kombi (minibus) in Zimbabwe. As soon as you are crammed in, four in each row, the conductor will announce “Five bhobh!” or “Two pa dollar!” You may hear the tinkling of coins being collected and observe lower denominations of notes unfolding from sweaty palms, pockets and blouses. Monotonously shoulders in the front rows are tapped as money is moved forward and change is negotiated until it reaches the hwindi (bus conductor). By then the engine is roaring and the driver is negotiating his exit from the bustling terminus. Passengers may begin to converse. Matters of everyday life in Zimbabwe are discussed always in codes with a diverse array of figurative language. They have paid their dues, invested in the future, and are waiting expectantly to move forward.

Click here for a virtual tour of this exhibition.

Still Here Tomorrow To High Five You Yesterday Group Exhibition

Still Here Tomorrow to High Five You Yesterday…, an exhibition at Zeitz MOCAA, explores the different ways in which artists, performers, writers and architects tackle the complexities inherent within the dual concepts of Utopia and progress. Exploring emergent spaces that exist both in the realm of the mind and in the physical unknown, the exhibition points critically to the mirages, metaphors, stereotypes and matrixes of progress.

Click here for a virtual tour of this exhibition.

The Main Complaint Group Exhibition

The Main Complaint is an infiltrating exhibition highlighting systematic, institutional failures, in an attempt to contextualise, recognise and repair. The exhibition exists as an ongoing series of interventions by museum staff and invited artists.

The Main Complaint is not confined to this exhibition space. The project exists as an infiltrating and sprawling series of interventions, workshops, talks and off-site programs – all of which will, in some form, end up in here. It’s unclear what this space will become. It may become claustrophobic and unaccommodating. Or perhaps it will generously harbour a collection of beautifully synchronised works and a range of alternative ideas.

Click here for a virtual tour of this exhibition.

Salon Ninety One Gallery

Paul Senyol’s Memorial Solo Exhibition

1 July – 1 August 2020

This collection features the Paul Senyol’s latest works on canvas, as well as a limited, variable edition, screen-print. The gallery will be hosting small group viewings, as well as launching an online catalogue to mark this event.

Memorial, a solo exhibition by Paul Senyol, is a contemplation on the nature of remembrance and how we mark the passing of important events. Memorials function in two spaces. Memorials can occupy physical spaces and serve to focus collective memories with regard to an important event or persons. However, memorials can also live in the collective consciousness and the act of remembering becomes a memorial in and of itself. For this exhibition, Paul was inspired by the idea of creating works which reflect memorials that are somewhat permanent in nature; something which is used to mark a period in time, a point of departure for exploring how the past influences the present, a way to focus reflections, and that memories are always influenced by historical context. The artist has used each piece as a memorial, which reflects events and people both obscure and commonplace. Each new work created has its roots in the work that came before; thus creating an unbroken lineage flowing into the past. The works invite the viewer to contemplate the significance of what is being memorialised in spray-paint, crayon, ink, marker, and acrylic. And thus, in turn creating a subconscious memorial in our shared memories.

To book a private tour and to view the exhibition online, visit salon91.co.za.

Goodman Gallery Johannesburg

Jessica Webster’s A Horse With No Name Solo Exhibition

Until 11 August 2020

By appointment only

Crystal Chambers no.7, (Island and Viridian Boatsman), 2020

This new series by Jessica Webster, several years in the making, represents an attempt by the artist to challenge the very foundations of her practice. To achieve this, Jessica adopted a practical approach that began with rethinking one of the most essential materials used in her practice: the canvas.

Using jute fabric instead of typical cotton, Jessica set the first of several framing principles for this body of work. The next step was finding a medium that could sufficiently transfer itself onto the unforgiving jute surface. Applying a cold wax substrate mixed with paint, she was able to achieve the desired effect of setting up the conditions for a new process.

To book an appointment, visit goodman-gallery.com.

How To Disappear Group Exhibition

Exhibition will run until further notice

Broomberg & Chanarin – Spirit is a bone – series 3

How To Disappear considers the pervasive modes and technologies of surveillance in the making of contemporary society. This includes subtle and overt practices of racial profiling in public spaces, the distant violence of aerial surveillance, and the silent accumulation and instrumentalisation of algorithmic and digital data.Working with analogue and digital imaging technologies, found footage and photographs, and more traditional media, participating artists’ reflect on how these surveillance methods render us as visible and visualised subjects. And in some cases, attempt to reclaim a sense of autonomy by revealing how these technologies might be turned towards forms of resistance. Artists featured include Ewa Nowak, Broomberg & Chanarin, Mary Wafer, David Goldblatt, Ja’Tovia Gary, Hyun-Sook Song,  mounir fatmi, Jeremy Wafer, Kahlil Joseph and Nolan Oswald Dennis.

For more information, visit goodman-gallery.art.

Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town

Mage Solo Show by Justine Mahoney

Until 22 August 2020

Justine Mahoney is a figurative sculptor based in Cape Town. She creates hybrid characters that deal with states of human transition and present an alternative mythology for our times. They begin as digital collages using photographic images drawn from an encyclopaedic range of sources, including sci-fi movies, ’80s alternative magazines, erotica, traditional African sculpture and Neo-Classical art. Brought to life in two dimensions, her figures are then sculpted in clay and cast in bronze.

Justine’s second solo exhibition with Southern Guild, Mage, delves into the tangled web of transformation between adolescence and adulthood through a series of nine bronze figures and collages. Each is an embodiment of a shift or struggle that the artist sees emerging in our zeitgeist, particularly among Generation Z.  Each has its own back story – a fraught, and sometimes dark, struggle for self-mastery.

Mage is currently on show at Southern Guild in the Silo District. Although our gallery remains closed, the exhibition can be viewed by private appointment.

Click here to book a private viewing.

Litty Contemporary Gallery (Franschhoek)

NEW HORIZONS Online Group Exhibition

Until 15 September 2020

Zié Jean-Laurent Koné, Reves d’Enfants

Always rich in colour and technique, the works by 12 artists are a bountiful confluence of reality and fantasy, where references to life around us, are never less than equaled by free association and painterly invention. Shaped by intuition, imagination and memory, imagery – sometimes recurring, such as congregations of people – emerges through an intuitive dance. This is painting as open ground, a point of departure for artist and viewer alike, one through which we might attempt to process the chaos of contemporary life and emerge as more vibrant and emotional beings.

The exhibition features works by Zié Jean-Laurent Koné (Ivory Coast), Thonton Kabeya (Congo), Johannes du Plessis (South Africa), Layziehound Coka (South Africa), Samson Mnisi (Lesotho), Mbali Tshabalala (South Africa), Kamogelo Ami Masemola (South Africa), Gerald Chukwuma (Nigeria), Karin Daymond (South Africa), Edward Selematsela (South Africa), Mohamed Diabagate (Mali) and Paul Blomkamp (South Africa).

Click here to view the exhibition online.


Blue is the Warmest Colour Group Exhibition

Exhibition will run until further notice

Seth Pimentel, I dropped the original piece so I made this

Titled Blue Is the Warmest Colour, the group show takes its title from the 2013 French film and graphic novel of the same title. Here, a teenager who is uncertain of her sexuality cathects with an art student who opens her up to an unrestrained existence that welcomes desire and passion.

View the Cape Town tour here and the Joburg tour here.

Habit at Group Exhibition

Exhibition will run until further notice

Essence 2020, Lunga Ntila

An online exhibition presenting the situations of a remarkable group of artists as they bring us closer into their processes and environments: their homes, their studios, their habitats.

This exhibition complicates the notion of the artist in their “natural habitat”, expanding beyond the preconceived understanding of what is understood to be natural for artists. In this exhibition, we present the diverse artistic approaches to process, and how this group of artists is negotiating the changes in our communities and the changes in their habits when making, refashioning, capturing or imagining their practice.

Featuring works by Wonder Buhle, Cole Ndelu, Cow Mash, Earl Abrahams, Lunga Ntila, Katlego Tlabela, Bernard Brand, Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo, Mashudu Nevhutalu, Thebe Magugu, Jodi Bieber, Kgabo Legora and Sarah Walmsley.

View the online exhibition here.

THK Gallery

Life is Beautiful Solo Exhibition by Nozuzo Gxekwa

Exhibition will run until further notice

Nozuzo Gxekwa – The King

Nonzuzo Gxekwa’s optic is loving. It’s not simply that she chooses to focus on moments of self love—the way people occupy themselves—but that in the taking, her subjects are never wholly circumscribed. There is always space to manoeuvre. The title of her exhibition, Life is Beautiful, is not simply a conscious decision to focus on that which brings joy, but an awareness of our agency in the construction thereof and its capacity to overcome.

Visit thkgallery.com to view the exhibition online.


AEROSOL Group Exhibition

Exhibition will run until further notice

iL Caso, Partly Aware

AEROSOL is a group exhibition that brings to you paintings by artists who use spray paint in their work, including Kilmany-Jo Liversage, Robyn Pretorius, iL Caso, Al Luke, George Mars aka MARS, One. and Fadiel Hermans.

Click here to view the exhibition online.

Chandler House

An Ode to The Cape Solo Exhibition by Alexandra Karamallis

Exhibition will run until further notice

Summer at Kirstenbosch

Alexandra Karamallis is a Brooklyn-based designer and artist. Over the last decade, she has made annual trips to the Western Cape to visit her sister and has been captivated by the beauty of the land, vegetation, people and rich culture. Her work has always aimed to draw attention to beauty in diversity through depictions of gardens, the juxtaposition of nature with architecture and depictions of the land and sky, all while inspiring joy in the viewer.

View the online exhibition here.

Barnard Gallery Cape Town

Tom Cullberg Viewing Room

Exhibition will run until further notice

Barnard is pleased to announce the introduction of its Online Viewing Rooms. Learn more about Tom Cullberg and discover available works by the artist on the virtual platform by clicking here to enter the viewing room.