Winners: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2020

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The winners of the 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards have been announced.

Last year saw Johannesburg’s Alice & Fifth win the award for Best Overall Restaurant. Designed by TristanPlessisStudio, it was a first for a local design studio. The studio has won again this year, for the design of Americano in Dubai, UAE, in the Best Middle East & Africa Bar category.

The award for Best Overall Restaurant 2020 went to Garden Hotpot, designed by MUDA-Architects, while the award for Best Overall Bar went to INNS Bar, designed by Wooton Designers, both of which are located in China’s Chengdu.

Garden Hotpot. Image credit: Arch-Exist.

INNS Bar. Image credit: Wooton Designers.

Below, in no particular order, are the international and regional category winners.

UNITED KINGDOM RESTAURANT: The Clockspire – Sherborne, UK (Design: Studio Indigo)

Image credit: James McDonald

UNITED KINGDOM BAR: The Berkeley Bar & Terrace at The Berkeley – London, UK (Bryan O’Sullivan Studio)

Image credit: James McDonald

THE AMERICAS RESTAURANT: Veneno at Torre Mil 500 – Guadalajara, Mexico (Design: Pragma Estudio / Monteon Arquitectos Asociados)

Image credit: César Béjar

THE AMERICAS BAR: The DecoNew York, USA (Design: Carpenter & Mason)

AUSTRALIA & PACIFIC RESTAURANT: Glorietta – Sydney, Australia (Design: Alexander &CO.)

Image credit: Anson Smart

AUSTRALIA & PACIFIC BAR: Tilly May’s – Sydney, Australia (Design: Alexander &CO.)

ASIA RESTAURANT: Feng Yuan Coconut Chicken Original – Guangzhou, China (Design: X.J.D Lab Of Design)

ASIA BAR: Tian Yue Club – Dandong, China (Design: Space³ Interior Design)

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA RESTAURANT: Le Sushi Bar – Beirut, Lebanon (Design: Gatserelia Design)

MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA BAR: Americano at Souk Madinat Jumeirah – Dubai, UAE (Design: TristanPlessisStudio)

EUROPE RESTAURANT: Amazonico – London, UK (Design: Lazaro Rosa Violan Studio)

Image credit: James McDonald


Image credit: Matteo Piazza

COLOUR: Loong Swim Club – Wuhan, China (Design: X+Living)

Image credit: X+Living

LIGHTING: Avra Lounge at Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens – Athens, Greece (Design: Brudnizki Design Studio)

CAFE: Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Design: Azaz Architects)

Image credit: Abdulrahman Bayshout

POP UP: Samsung 24hr. Kitchen at Brera District – Milan, Italy (Design: 2×4)

Image credit: Agostino Osio

BIOPHILIC DESIGN: Garden Hotpot – Chengdu, China (Design: MUDA-Architects)

Image credit: Arch-Exist

SURFACE INTERIORS: Polet – Moscow, Russia (Design: Polet)

Image credit: Mikhail Loskutov

FAST CASUAL: The Y – Moscow, Russia (Design: Asthetique)

Image credit: Mikhail Loskutov

STANDALONE: INNS Bar – Chengdu, China (Design: Wooton Designers)

Image credit: Wooton Designers

IDENTITY: The Drawing Room at The St. Regis Hong Kong – Hong Kong, China (Design: .Oddity Studio)

Image credit: .Oddity Studio

CEILING: Veneno – Guadalajara, Mexico (Design: Pragma Estudio / Monteon Arquitectos Asociados)

Image credit: César Béjar

MULTIPLE: Bathers Pavilion – Mosman, Australia (Design: Luchetti Krelle)

Image credit: Nikki To

HERITAGE BUILDING: Textile – Huzhou, China (Design: Kris Lin International Design)

IN ANOTHER SPACE: Wild Ink – New York, USA (Design: Robert Angell Design International)

PUB: Txalupa – Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain (Design: El Equipo Creativo)

Image credit: Adrià Goula

HOTEL: Little Sister at Moxy NYC East Village – New York, USA (Design: Rockwell Group)

LUXURY: Cathédrale at Moxy NYC East Village – New York, USA (Design: Rockwell Group)

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