Tom Dixon Press Collection

WORDS Robyn Alexander

Press, available locally at Créma Design, is one of renowned designer Tom Dixon’s latest collections of decor items and lighting.

Tom Dixon has already produced several designs that genuinely merit the adjective “iconic” – quite an impressive achievement for someone with no formal design training who started out welding one-off furniture pieces to make ends meet while playing in a band.

His highly original eye has always also been resolutely bold and industrially inspired, and one of the brand’s latest collections, Press, has all these qualities in spades. It might be more useful to say “in iron presses” because that’s how these pieces are made.

Press is a series of heavyweight grooved vases, bowls and candleholders made of chunky coils of pure and clear transparent glass. Graphic in silhouette and simple in function, they are manufactured by heating glass to 1200°C and dropping big globs of the molten results into two- or three-part iron moulds, where they’re pressed. They’re designed and engineered to catch and reflect light – and to last forever.

Look out, too, for the equally covetable Press series of lights, made from the thickest and most transparent glass with the same satisfyingly rounded linear surface detail. Aptly named Sphere, Cone and Lozenge, the pendant shapes are reminiscent of shipping buoys, children’s toys and throat lozenges. Manufactured in the same way as the decor items, these will be available in 2021.

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