visi 109

We’re still at home. As we speak, I’m typing away sitting at our living room table with my constant companion at the other end during these past lockdown months – my teenager – doing her matric schoolwork. That makes it the second issue of VISI done remotely… and it also marks the second wave of home-improvements for the Smith household.

It’s been a thing, right Sounds like everyone has spent a large part of lockdown thinking of ways to re-imagine, revamp, and redo their homes.

For us, it’s mostly been about colour – an instinctive response, I guess, to the sameness of lockdown. Wave One was more of a painting and artwork thing. From a blank-canvas white, one wall got painted pink and another grey… and that resulted in a major rehang of our art collection.

We started to grow things too. A bunch of new indoor plants provided a softer, greener accent and, out the back, lettuce and spinach grown in big clay pots have been both plentiful and delicious. And then things got serious. Cue a major chuck out. We owned way too many things.

Clothes, bedding, and boxes of assorted “stuff ” got donated to charity. A big old white chalk-painted teak cupboard was sold on Facebook marketplace and replaced with a bright yellow Pederson + Lennard server below a newly installed skylight. Suggestions were even made (but politely declined) that I should sell one of my bicycles. The end result is a brighter, greener and less cluttered Cape Town City Bowl cottage that has not only been a fun and cost-effective project, but has made lockdown a bit more bearable. No doubt you have your version of that and I trust VISI once again provides some inspiration for what to do next.

– Steve Smith, Editor

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