visi 108

So. A lot has happened since the last issue of VISI. That one was made pre-lockdown. The issue that you’re holding in your hand, however, was created without any of the VISI team being in the same building. Not that you can tell, right?

In terms of production, it was completely doable – and in terms of quality, I think we’ve put together an issue that would make its predecessors nod in appreciation. Which all points to one of the trends that has been on the lips (and in the tweets) of modern soothsayers: “Our enforced isolation shows that the work environment has changed forever, and that we can look forward to a future where we spend much of our time working from home.”

This sentiment is often conveyed as a good thing. But not for me. I didn’t like it much. Scrolling through the news may not currently corroborate this, but we humans are a fundamentally social species, and most of us truly value spending time together. I have genuinely missed those VISI team members you see on our masthead. And it’s not only the general chatter that is woven throughout our working day that I miss, or our Friday-afternoon NikNaks-and-wine-pairing decompress; it is also our creative process, which on VISI is very much collaborative. Yes, you can do it via Zoom, but it’s not nearly as fulfilling – or as fun. Of course, there are going to be folks who enjoy working at home, and those for whom a flexible home/office arrangement will be ideal – and we have some design tips for this on page 124. But I, for one, cannot wait to get back to the office.

And not just that. I want to have a delicious meal at a restaurant with my family. I want to have a beer at a bar with my mates. Granted, this will most likely involve a facemask (initially, at least) – but I want my sense of community back. I suspect most of us do.

– Steve Smith, Editor

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