visi 110

As winters go, this one was pretty long and bleak. And particularly cold, right? It was like the physical effects of a more distant sun and the psychological chill of lockdown combined for a cold front greater than any weather radar could pick up.

“This too shall pass” is one maxim I’ve always relied on, though – and one that this painting has been a constant reminder of. It hangs on my living-room wall and was always there, in my peripheral vision, during the many lockdown months spent working from home. Painted in 1980 by local artist Penny Layland, it recalls balmy late afternoons warmed by a big, low African sun. It was a source of hope – that seasons change; that from dark comes light, and with it we are renewed.

Welcome, then, to our summer issue. It’s one of resurgence and the promise of possibility; where we shine a big, bright light on some of South Africa’s inspirational design, architectural and artistic talents. From the positivity of yellow (page 18) to our featured homes, hotels and lodges, a chronicle of John Vogel’s iconic furniture (page 132) and Puleng Mongale’s evocative self-portraits (page 166), VISI 110 is about stepping out into the glorious summer sun. Here’s to our revival…

– Steve Smith, Editor

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