Vinero Winery and Hotel

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Cemal Emden

The Vinero Winery and Hotel in Çanakkale, Turkey is nestled in a tranquil vineyard setting – over fifty kilometres away from the nearest city – offering a unique winery, guesthouse and spa experience.

The fully-functioning winery and guesthouse is designed by CM Mimarlik and Tekeli-Sisa Architectural Partnership and is located in the Eceabat district of Gelibolu. The 16 000 square-metre project was completed between 2012 and 2015 and is a beautiful, aesthetically-balanced combination of raw materials including wood, marble and metal. The aim of the design was to provide a stylish yet functional space that does not disrupt the organic processes of the winery.

Vinero includes a wine production and storage facility, an amphitheatre presentation space, a restaurant and wine tasting venue and a guesthouse with twenty-one uniquely designed rooms. The winery theme carries throughout the facility with the use of raw metal structures and rough industrial elements complemented by softer, solid wood touches that are reminiscent of the barrels used in wine production.

Vinero produces wine for only a certain period of the year, while offering wine tastings, accommodation and spa experiences year-round. The spa is a specially designed wellness centre that offers fluidity of spaces and specialises in spa treatments that mostly make use of grapes.

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