Green Living: Dopper Water Bottles

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Dopper dreams of crystal clear water in every ocean, from every tap.

Water is absolutely necessary to survive. And yet, every year, eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans. Dopper wants to turn this tide with one reusable water bottle that will make all the polluting, single-use plastic water bottles a thing of the past.

With patented, reusable designer water bottles made of high-quality synthetic material and steel, Dopper contributes to the reduction of plastic pollution. Dopper bottles are produced with a net zero carbon footprint, are free of BPA and encourage the use of tap water as an affordable and less environmentally harmful alternative to bottled water.

Dopper estimates that for every Dopper bottle sold on average, 40 single-use water bottles are saved per year.

5% of Dopper’s net turnover goes to the Dopper Foundation, which invests in water initiatives such as The Ocean Cleanup and reducing plastic waste. Locally, Dopper SA is partnering with organisations such as Clean C, WWF and Endangered Wildlife Trust to assist in creating awareness around the current plastic crisis.

This international brand, which has sold over 10 million units, has launched in South Africa with three collections.

The Ocean Collection (R199, 450 ml) features three ocean-inspired colours, namely Dark Pacific Blue, Blue Lagoon and Pure White. The Perfect Paradise Collection (R199, 450 ml) features the vibrant Hakuna Mintata, Sunshine Splash, Sea Green and Pink Paradise shade, while the Dopper Stainless Steel Collection was designed to be sustainable, practical and fashionable. Dopper Stainless Steel is available in a large 800 ml design (R499) as well as a lighter 490 ml (R399) design. Dopper bottles are available at Wellness Warehouse, Superbalist, Faithful To Nature and Yuppiechef.

Ocean Collection

Perfect Paradise Collection

Dopper Stainless Steel

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