Cool New Spot: Missibaba Trumpet Store

WORDS Cheri Morris

Luxury accessory label Missibaba has launched a new store in the Trumpet building in Johannesburg’s Rosebank.

Established by Chloe Townsend and Lizel Strydom, the popular label has launched its latest store in the Trumpet building on Keyes Art Mile; the exciting new hub of art and design in Rosebank. The unusual space was originally intended to be used as a storage unit and features faceted lines, levels, angles and distinctive surface details.

Intended to be a physical reflection of Missibaba’s love for design and layered interior space, the team tackled the shop fitting project without the help of an interior designer. Their love for colour is conveyed through Freya Lincoln‘s specially crafted colour palette. Striking colours like Medlar (new orange), Pavo (green accent), Cabochon (pink accent) and Clew Cream were used in varied ways making for a sensory and explosive retail experience.

A gold vinyl panel pulls customers through the double-volume glass stack doors into the space that boasts a vintage McIntosh Sideboard from Decade, chrome standing lamps, a glass-top chrome table and inviting chairs. A banana leaf Hertex rug and lush, green plants in Liebermann ceramics bring a contemporary, urban jungle feel to the colourful store. The gallery space will be showcasing limited edition Missibaba collections, as well as welcoming other creatives to collaborate on new projects.

In celebration of the opening, Missibaba has created a new collection of clutches, which you can browse in the above gallery. For more information, visit their website