Contemporary Miami Home by SAOTA

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Adam Letch

This luxurious oceanside home, designed by local architecture firm SAOTA, is located on the southern tip of Miami’s Dilido Island.

Boasting awe-inspiring views and a flawless merging of internal and external living spaces, the design of the house draws on the jet-set lifestyle of Biscayne Bay. The house, which features a pre-oxidised copper roof, spills out onto the elevated waterfront, giving one the illusion that you’re on the deck of super-yacht.

A grand entrance hall comprises a series of wall planes held together by a curved screen of etched glass. Inside, an expansive void becomes accentuated by playful sculptural elements, including a spiral staircase, bold artworks and a series of bronze screens that hang from the ceiling. Subtle yet opulently rich materials make for graceful interiors by interior designer Lynda Murray. Crisp white stucco, grey limestone and copper and bronze detailing are offset by splashes of cobalt blue and Jurassic-like green landscapes designed by the Miami celebrity landscaper Raymond Jungles.

Bodies of water meandering through the home – a pond in a jungle-esque setting at the entrance and a soothing reflection pool around the study – serve as a thread that connects the outdoor areas.

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