Cemcrete’s Tranquil Bathroom Trends


Time to upgrade your bathroom? Indulge your senses in Cemcrete’s luxe finishes to get the latest bathroom trends.

It’s no secret that the bathroom is one of the rooms in a house that we retreat to after a hard day’s work in order to relax and revitalise, and it is for that very reason that we encourage keeping your bathroom current and up to date with the latest design and decor trends.

Renovating your bathroom does not have to be an expensive and tedious process, as Cemcrete offers a wide variety of bathroom finishes perfect for renovating with ease while still achieving the finish of your dreams.

SatinCrete is a unique, cement-based mottled wall finish, ideal for bathroom walls and can be paired with CreteCote flooring – a cement-based micro coating – for a seamless flow from wall to floor.

Trends To Watch:

  1. One of the fastest growing bathroom trends we have seen thus far has been the classic minimalistic look, reinforcing tranquillity and calm using free-standing baths and the combination of raw, natural finishes such as wood and cement.
  1. Other trends, such as the pairing of cement, copper and brass, have also made their debut, combining these elements for stylish piping and taps – a bathroom essential that is often neglected as a possible feature.

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