Blank Ink Design’s Architectural Prints

WORDS Amelia Brown

Blank Ink Design captures the architecture of cities around the world in detailed drawings.

Architect, designer and artist Shaun Gaylard started Blank Ink Design as a passion project in late 2013. “I did a drawing as a gift for my partner at the time, who also loves travel and architecture,” says Shaun. “Through the process of creating the piece, it became clear there was commercial potential.”

His collection of prints began with the A-Z Guide to Architects of the World. Inspired by significant architecture, this drawing showcases 26 buildings arranged in alphabetical order by the architect’s name, from Alvar Aalto to Zaha Hadid.

Shaun has subsequently developed other guides, illustrative documentaries of the cities he’s travelled to. “Each limited-edition city guide is inspired by the expressive architecture that enlivens the streets and enhances the urban fabric of the city,” he says.

The buildings are arranged in chronological order, which provides a sequential visual story of the city’s architectural development. The range includes an intricate fingerprint-like city map of Joburg, also befittingly available in gold, and individual digital watercolours of some of the City of Gold’s landmarks.

Shaun’s guides are mostly dispatched to South Africans, but he’s also received orders from as far afield as Australia.

In addition to expanding the range, every year Shaun does a short run of products, such as ceramics or textiles, and he works on commissions, corporate work and product collaborations.

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