Winner: Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2017

most beautiful object
The Sankara Rug by Nkuli Mlangeni

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring VIDEO via Design Indaba on YouTube

Every year, Design Indaba asks a selection of well-known cultural commentators from across South Africa to nominate an object they feel is the most beautiful in the country.

It was announced on Friday, 3 March at the end of the Design Indaba Festival that textile designer Nkuli Mlangeni’s beautiful Sankara Rug took this year’s title.

The rug, which is inspired by Ndebele patterns and the Reed Dance, is woven using traditional methods by local artisans. It was important to Nkuli that she create a modern, culture-rich design that still manages to celebrate and promote the traditional art of weaving.

The rug was nominated by Bielle Bellingham, creative director at Cardova Productions.

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