WATCH: Inside Architect Luke Tozer’s Narrow London Home

WORDS Mary Garner VIDEO NOWNESS on Vimeo

Architect Luke Tozer spoke to NOWNESS about his super-thin Gap House in London, sharing his thoughts on finding the plot and the inspiration for its design.

The house, which is hidden from the street, slowly reveals itself to you once you enter through the front door.

“You’ve come through a small, narrow gap, then all of a sudden there is more freedom as it sort of opens up,” explains Luke, who was able to be both creative and frugal with the space available.

luke tozer

“When we found the site for the house, it’s unusual nature being so constrained, I was immediately reminded of having lived in Japan and also having worked in Amsterdam,” says Luke. “Both places were very good at using leftover bits of land and making houses out of them.”

Watch the clip above to explore The Gap House in more detail.