Cool Spaces: Neobio Family Park

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES SHAO Feng via

The Neobio Family Park in Shanghai sees the wildly colourful and boundaryless imagination of children brought to life through enriching playful design.

Designed by Shanghai-based architectural design firm X+Living, Neobio Family Park is an indoor amusement park located within two buildings in the Minhang District. The buildings house exquisitely designed play areas for kids made up of reading, dining and climbing areas, as well as a party room.

The main entrance leads onto the reading space, which is filled with tree- and hill-shaped bookshelves intended for children to play hide-and-seek. Grand shelves shaped like forest trees have holes in them that lead to miniature worlds of wonder. Sim’s City is a replication of a modern-day city in miniature. Kids can fill up with imaginary fuel at the petrol station, shop at a supermarket, play doctor at the hospital and run errands at the post office.

Those who are royal at heart will find their favourite spot at the Princess Cosplay Area. This space allows kids to dress up as princesses with all the accessories. The Big Child Area is a maze-like space filled with climbing racks and slides. When the tummies start to rumble, play time can be continued in the dining area, which can be easily reached by sliding down the gigantic S-shaped slide that leads to the middle of the space.