VISI Shop: Sencillo Ceramic Tableware


Local brand Sencillo, a collaboration between artist and ceramicist Janet Lightbody and chef Oliver Swart, is behind the design of this collection of hand-made ceramic tableware, now available via the VISI online shop.

The durable stoneware collection is made up of stackable raised plates and bowls, which can be easily stored and transported.

All the pieces in the collection can be pre-heated in the oven and are dishwasher safe.

The following pieces from Sencillo’s collection are available in sets of six via VISI’s online shop:

The Main Stage Plate: This 25cm (w) x 3cm (h) stackable plate is ideal for serving main courses.

The Main Stage Plates retail at R1 500 for a set of six.


The Side Stage Plate: This versatile 15cm (w) x 2cm (h) stackable piece can be used as a side plate, a tapas plate or a butter dish.

The Side Stage Plates retail at R900 for a set of six.

The Wagamama Bowl: This 18cm (w) x 9cm (h) bowl, featuring a textured exterior, is ideal for soup or noodle dishes.

The Wagamama Bowls retail at R1 320 for a set of six.

An assorted set of six – two Main Stage Plates, two Side Stage Plates and two Wagamama Bowls – is also available. The assorted set of six retails at R1 240.