Samsung’s Range of Lifestyle TVs: The Frame and The Serif

The Frame

Samsung’s 2020 range of Lifestyle TVs, namely The Frame and The Serif, combine innovative design with QLED picture quality and Smart TV features, delivering a seamless and intuitive TV journey.

The Frame: TV When It’s On, Art When It’s Off

When on, The Frame delivers your favourite shows in 4K QLED quality. Switch it off and the TV becomes a virtual art gallery.

There are various TV stand options and a range of different colour frames available, meaning you can customise The Frame to suit your space. It can also be mounted closely against a wall, thanks to Samsung’s No Gap Wall Mount.

The Serif: Beautiful At Any Angle

The Serif blurs the lines between technology and design. With its I-shaped profile and slim frame, you’ll be able to enjoy your TV from all angles. The Serif comes complete with a detachable metal floor stand.

You can also play music from a compatible smartphone through The Serif’s powerful speakers,* allowing you to transfer what you’re watching on your cell phone to your TV screen with just a quick tap.

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*When using NFC on TV, Bluetooth on a compatible cell phone will automatically activate. Compatible TV and device must be turned on. Only supported by Android OS-based smartphones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless information sharing.