VISI Collab: Mo’s Crib Paper Swan Sculptures

Local home decor and design brand Mo’s Crib, headed up by Morongwe ‘Mo’ and Michelle Mokone, is behind the creation of these hand-made swan sculptures, a range of which the duo has made exclusively for VISI.

Last year we launched these origami-inspired swan sculptures in four different colourways, and they sold out in a flash! We’ve got good news for all of those who never managed to get their hands on these creations in 2020. We’ve launched a new limited collection of Mo’s Crib Paper Swan Sculptures just in time for the gifting season.

The paper sculptures measure at 135mm (B) x 110mm (W) x 190mm (H) and are made from upcycled paper.

Mo’s Crib Paper Swan Sculptures

It takes about six hours to make one sculpture by hand: cutting and folding paper before putting the swan together and sealing it with glue for shine and strength. The glazed finished product, which is both durable and multifunctional, is an ideal and creative storage solution.

Currently available via the VISI Shop in four colourways – Grey & Cream, Grey & Yellow, Orange & Pink and Pink & Orange – with more colourways coming soon.

VISI Shop: Mo’s Crib Paper Swan Sculptures

Available in four limited edition colours.

R360 each | VISI Shop

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