VISI Shop: GRO-URBAN Seed Squares

GRO-URBAN seed squares, designed to be an easy, fun and educational introduction to gardening and growing your own food, are now available on the VISI online shop.

The best way to enjoy this experience is by visually watching your food grow, and seeing which plants help each other thrive with companion planting.

Perfectly spaced for planting, the seed squares are prepared by hand using home-made recycled paper sheets sprinkled with used coffee grounds. The 100% environmentally-friendly packaging includes plant markers to make sure you use just the right amount of soil.


There are 11 different seed squares available to purchase on the VISI shop, at R80 each: Summer Flowers; Beetroot & Rocket; Cherry Tomatoes & Basil; Chillies & Marigolds; Gourmet Lettuce; Green Beans; Kale & Spring Onions; Radishes; Rocket; Spring Onions and Rainbow Chard.