Tropical Heat

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Supplied

The clean lines, functional form and luxurious natural wood of OKHA Design Studio’s newest addition, the COSMO armchair, pay homage to the raw beauty of Tropical Modernism.

The distinct mid-20th century architectural and design style made famous by Brazilian architects like Oscar Niemeyer and Lúcio Costa informed the robust character of OKHA Design Studio‘s new armchair. The juxtaposition of the raw geometry and direct beauty of Tropical Modernism in the COSMO armchair make it a truly intriguing piece of furniture.

Like all OKHA Design Studio’s pieces, the COSMO armchair has a clearly defined character and attitude. The striking relationship between the slopped, upholstered seat and its three supporting legs is the central focus of the chair’s design. With an intentionally rough seat and base in contrasting materials, the strong proportions and grounded profile of the chair make for a unique, supportive, functional piece.

OKHA Design Studio COSMO armchair
COSMO is available in a range of solid woods, Ash and Walnut in various stains and finishes.

The COSMO’s standout feature is its broad-planed legs. The two at the side with a single leg in the middle at the back expressed in walnut or ash, create a trilateral cradle of support for the seat. “The extreme proportions and surface area of the legs are intended to pull the viewer’s eye to the nature of the wood and give practical presence to the luxury of that material,” says Adam Court, OKHA Creative Director. |

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