SPINN Arkitekter’s Honeycomb-style Hiking Cabins

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Tor Even Mathisen

Located in the mountainous region of Varden in Norway, this wooden cabin, designed by SPINN Arkitekter, provides hikers with shelter from biting winters.

Developed in collaboration with Format Engineers, SPINN Arkitekter designed the honeycomb-style shelters for the Norwegian Trekking Association, in an effort to encourage hikers to explore the epic trails of the Storfjellet mountains. The cabins are designed to blend into their rocky surroundings and have minimal impact on the environment.

The structures are composed of sustainable prefabricated panels that easily slot together on site, making transportation and assembly convenient and efficient. The 15 mstructures are made up of 77 unique cross-laminated panels that rest on a 300 mm-thick slab of concrete. Smart design ensures cabins offer a snug refuge from snowfall, harsh winds and icy rain.

The front panel features a window that forms a frame for the most incredible views of the surrounding landscapes. Later this year, SPINN will construct a twin cabin in Hammerfest, the northernmost city in the world.

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(h/t) dezeen.com