Shoreline: Smith’s New Jewellery Collection

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Anna Raimondo, founder and Creative Director of SMITH Jewellery, celebrates the coast in her latest collection, entitled Shoreline.

The collection, which has been four years in the making, sees beautiful pieces resembling silver and gold starfish, seaweed, sea urchins, shells and coral, hand-made from ethically sourced South African materials.

“I believe that whatever you do, it’s crucial to consider how you are affecting the environment,” says Anna. “I’m very passionate about sustainability and being environmentally conscious. My father is actually an environmental consultant, so these values were instilled in me from very early on. It’s really great to see other jewellery brands embracing this ethic.”

Inspired by the Cape’s abundant coast, details have been carefully etched by hand into 22kt gold and sterling silver necklaces, earrings and rings.

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