São Paulo Family Home

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Fran Parente

A “dialogue with the topography” is what inspired the design of this 700 m2 modern family home by architect Simone Mantovani

Simone worked with the site’s steep terrain and narrow plot to created four levels – asymmetrical concrete blocks that overlap and appear to float thanks to strategically placed, unobtrusive concrete pilotis. This choice of construction meant that each level is very open with few walls resulting in a modern, transparent space with an easy flow.

Named the “Pilotis Residence” by Simone for the columns’ significant structural impact, each of the four volumes has a specific function. The main “living” floor, entered through an enormous 4.5 m front door, is set above the garages and street level, providing security and privacy. Here the family cooks, eats, plays and entertains. A staircase leads to the “sleeping” floor where the home theatre and the bedrooms are.

High above the street, the final top floor allows the owners to enjoy the view and have their own vegetable garden. The home is run off solar and features energy control systems and rainwater collection. This rooftop garden also insulates and reduces direct heat on the building. In the backyard, a pool, sauna and gourmet kitchen encourages outdoor living.

The double-volume internal atrium connects the floors visually and spatially and reinforces the light, open feel of the interiors. There are minimal design details, but rather straight lines and sharp corners. Instead Simone allows a conversation between the concrete, timber and surrounding greenery, which permeates the building thanks to an abundance of glass.

To view more of Simone’s projects, visit simonemantovani.com.br.