Picks Of The Week

picks of the week

From a colourful restaurant in Moscow and TV series living rooms brought to life to an ocean-inspired hotel in Spain and latte art that celebrates birds, these are VISI’s picks of the week.

1. Abu Ghosh Restaurant by Studio Shoo

Studio Shoo is behind the design of Abu Ghosh, a small, 22 m2 street food-inspired restaurant in Moscow. The space is filled with bright colours, interesting patterns and antique detailing, including a beautiful green fountain.

Image credit: Polina Poludkina via studioshoo.com

2. Latte Art by Kunit92

Japanese barista Kusanagi, known on Instagram as Kunit92, creates bird illustrations in colourful foam on top of lattes. Originally inspired by her own Bourke’s parrot Sakura, she now creates a variety of birds, from cockatiels to sparrows.

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動画を撮るために天国のピータンをラテアートしました。 今、海外の人が沢山見てくれます。 驚いています。 大切な愛鳥のモデルメッセージもいくつか貰いました?? 私は自分で飲むためのラテアートを作るので、数日時間が必要です。 出来上がったらお知らせと投稿します。 そして飲みます。 宜しくお願いします。 Thank you☕? ............. . 私は英語が上手くないので? Instagramの翻訳で読んでもらえますようにー? #latteart #ことりラテアート #homebarista #cocatiel #コーヒーの鳥は飲んでもらうのが好き #明日は愛鳥際だよー!

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Image credit: Kunit92 on Instagram

3. IKEA Recreates Decor From Famous TV Shows

Swedish furniture and home goods giant IKEA has recreated the living rooms featured in renowned sitcoms, from Friends and The Simpsons to Stranger Things. Conceptualised by advertising agency Publicis, the campaign showcases (mostly) real products that you can buy in store and online.

Images via designboom.com

4. The Bright Berber Collection From Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs

South African rug importers Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs have launched a new range of colourful Berber rugs. The collection combines age-old weaving techniques with bright hues and geometric patterns.

Images via finerugs.co.za

5. Neolith at Hotel Llevant

Designed by award-winning architect Pau Llimona, the ethereal interiors of Hotel Llevant on the Costa Brava in Spain are inspired by the ocean. Featuring a wave-inspired ceiling, Pau also made use of Neolith to create the textured flooring, meant to be reminiscent of the ocean floor.

Images courtesy of Neolith