Online Exhibition: Renée Rossouw

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES courtesy of WORLDART

Stillness at WORLDART is an online solo exhibition by Renée Rossouw that features a new collection of the artist and architect’s painted linocut pieces.

Combining linocuts and cut paper shapes, Renée has composed works that aim to redefine the structure and order of our daily lives.

“How much of nature is in a single piece of paper?” she asks. “The tree, a cloud, how much rain and how many days of sunshine? Stillness is a contemplation on materials.”

The materials used in this body of work are all repurposed, from the paper to the wood. For Renée, Stillness is about reinventing for new beginnings, “a pursuit for a more quiet occupation on earth.”


View the exhibition online at until 3 August 2020.