Online Exhibition: Justice Mukheli X Heidi Fourie at BKhz

WORDS Cheri Morris

Joburg-based gallery BKhz is hosting an online exhibition featuring the work of artist and filmmaker Justice Mukheli and painter Heidi Fourie, titled Quiet Observations.

In Quiet Observations, Joburg-based Justice Mukheli seeks to put a spotlight on the authentic African experience and dismantle oppressive narratives about Africa and Africans. His piece, You Have To See Us, is testament to this. Justice elaborates, “The base idea in my work is dismantling the idea of what Africa is to the rest of the world, dismantling the idea of blackness and the black body, dismantling these stereotypes. So I created these works almost from an eye of exoticising, but my eye was humanising these black figures and seeing them for what they are rather than celebrating a type of body that is seen as glorious because it is seen as African.”

Justice Mukheli – You Have To See Us (2017)

Justice Mukheli – Black Love (2018)

Heidi Fourie is a painter hailing from Pretoria, whose art has graced galleries across South Africa and New York. Her works in Quiet Observations are personal, reflecting fleeting moments of peace and carelessness: Her partner, Allen, blissfully sleeping; Coney Island fireworks; a child sleeping in a tree; a gently swaying curtain.

Heidi Fourie – The Tints of Flowers (2019)

Juxtaposed with one another, the artists’ collective works take on new meanings, meanings to be deciphered by an anonymous online audience.

“This strange, unique time where we rely on virtual experiences to help us escape the confines of our living rooms proves more than ever that we do not necessarily have to physically be in a space to be there, that presence and community can transcend great distances,” says Heidi. “However, we might just appreciate physical presence and closeness more than ever after this.”

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