New Collaboration: PUMA X Daniel Ting Chong

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Sportswear brand PUMA has collaborated with Cape Town-based artist and designer Daniel Ting Chong on a new range of sneakers.

Drawing on traditional Zulu and Xhosa beliefs, Daniel created a new African-inspired version of both the Duplex OG and the Duplex Evo. The Duplex OG is inspired by traditional Zulu Supreme Creator Unkulunkulu.

“Unkulunkulu sent a chameleon to earth to tell the human race that they will be immortal,” explains Daniel. “But the chameleon became slow and lazy on his journey, so Unkulunkulu sent a lizard to earth to convey the message that there will be death. It seemed natural to apply this mythology to the Duplex OG because this silhouette is the first of its kind, coinciding with the mythology of Unkulunkulu’s original creations.”

The Duplex Evo, with its snake-like mesh detailing, is inspired by Mamlambo, the traditional Xhosa Goddess of Rivers. “Mamlambo is well suited to the Duplex Evo because just as Mamlambo alludes to a form that is a synthesis of various species, so the Duplex Evo is a hybrid created from different materials and technology”, says Daniel.

Both sneakers feature a limited edition typographic PUMA logo instead of the well-known generic logo, a move rarely made by the brand.

The sneakers will be available to buy at PUMA SELECT on Cape Town’s Bree Street and in Braamfontein in Johannesburg, as well as at Shelflife and Cop Capital. The first 100 purchases receive custom-designed socks by Daniel, a tote bag, pencil and two metal pins featuring the Unkulunkulu and Mamlambo symbols.

The Duplex OG retails for R2 899, while the Duplex Evo retails for R1 699.