Modern semi-detached Toronto home

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Tom Arban

For the renovation of this 655 msemi-detached Victorian in Toronto, Canada, Reigo & Bauer considered two primary elements: the pattern of circulation into the house and access to natural light.

“At its widest point, the house is only 6 m across, which narrows to [just under 5 m] for the extension at the back,” explains one of the firm’s founding partners Stephen Bauer. “Given those parameters, we put a lot of thought into architectural elements that would not only achieve a modern look for the extension, but would also capture sunlight efficiently while mitigating shadows and reflections cast on and from neighbouring spaces.”

Maximising daylight in all parts of a home is a key feature – and an ongoing examination – in the firm’s projects. Abundant natural light falls on the smooth, gently curved white interior walls, and the upper floor benefits from the newly expanded views. There’s also a sundeck on the roof of the two-storey extension.

As well as addressing the home’s internal design and connectivity, and implementing novel architectural elements, Stephen and his partner Merike Bauer chose innovative materials. Unit-based cladding serves to contrast and modernise the traditional brick façade. Black and white diamond-shaped metal tiles distinguish and stack the two volumes, which are also further contrasted by their independent angular geometry.

The result is a contemporary extension and internal redesign that capitalises on the plot with a new entry hub at the rear of the home, featuring an open concept mud room tucked in beside the stairwell, and the immediate feeling of flow and light.

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(h/t) v2com