Modern Rotterdam Home

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Christian van der Kooy

Inspired by the liberal theories of mid-century architecture, House 1, by experimental architecture label Namelok is a minimalist space that humbly boasts functionality, texture and a contemporary coolness.

A stellar combination of the old, the new and the unconventional, Namelok drew inspirations for House 1’s design from the works of Lina Bo Bardi and Aldo van Eyck. The entire design functions around three base principles: the kitchen is the heart of the home, spaces are connected either vertically or horizontally and structural aspects are celebrated through palpable texture.

Located on the outskirts of Rotterdam in The Netherlands, this sizeable home enjoys a picturesque view of a Dutch polder landscape and a horizon bordered by a skyscraper skyline. A floor-to-roof window in the kitchen welcomes these views and the warm light of day. The living room makes for a stark contrast to the bright kitchen and is intentionally lit only by dim lights to create a more intimate family space. The spine of the home is the unique chimney; it warms the house from the belly up and doubles as both an indoor and outdoor fireplace.

Rough plaster and frost grey bricks make for an alluring detail juxtaposed with Western Red Cedar slats. The red of the cedar brings a touch of warmth while simultaneously defining and uniting each part of the home. Inspired by fashion, Namelok separates its projects into collections. House 1 is part of their AW/17 collection.

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