Madrid Family Home by Mecanismo

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Javier Bravo

Behold functional simplicity in the purest of forms: this contemporary family home by Madrid-based architectural studio Mecanismo is one part natural light and two parts personality.

Offering a family of four a spacious abode of 500 m2 – complete with an attic, office and garden – this gem was designed to take ultimate advantage of the wondrous amounts of natural light. The use of earthy materials exude ageless grace and are cleverly combined to give the home a one-of-a-kind personality.

The ground floor offers a hall, living, and dining area, each with varying atmospheres. Although each space functions independently, they are interconnected by a special centre known as the “bubble” of the home. The bubble is a unique structure crafted entirely from oak wood. Inside the bubble is a wardrobe, cupboard and well-stocked wine cellar. A highly functional service area is also located on this floor and can be easily accessed from the garage, street, extra bedroom, kitchen and laundry room. The children’s bedrooms are within Krion capsules and feature an oval-like continued curvature. Each child’s room and bathroom features colours unique to their personal taste.

The attic is secluded by a slat system that offers privacy and a naturally-lit office within which a central working table is illuminated by a built-in steel lamp. The purposefully organised garden features a small prairie where a playhouse offers the children endless hours of play.

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