Lily Bloomwood’s Embroidered Artworks

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Lily Bloomwood on Behance

Self-taught London-based embroidery artist Lily Bloomwood uses antique fabrics, beads, sequins and lace to add texture to her portraits of women.

The majority of her works gain inspiration from the silent movie era, featuring striking portraits of women in 1920s fashion, adorned with lace, handkerchiefs and knits.

“My inspiration comes from all sorts of things; from old photographs of unknown people, to photos of old and mostly forgotten actresses of the Edwardian and silent movie era, as well as saint iconography and my own drawings and sketches,” she explains on Etsy.

Lily began her embroidery journey straight after finishing university and now focuses on memorialising female figures in thread, such as actresses Mary Pickford and Olive Thomas.

See more of her work on Behance. You can also shop online on Etsy.