WATCH: Life in Miniature Documentary

WORDS Michaela Stehr VIDEO Ellen Evans on Vimeo IMAGES via

From tiny ironing boards and scooters to miniature hairdressing chairs and tiny hospital beds, UK-based artists Kath Holden and Margaret Shaw make little worlds, captured by director Ellen Evans in a short documentary entitled Life in Miniature.

Kath’s aim is to represent the era we live in now, as opposed to focusing on the designs of the past. In conjunction with her mother, Margaret, they make realistic pint-sized replicas of everyday objects through their company Delph Miniatures.

“I like to represent now, the era I live in,” Kath explains. “If we don’t do miniatures of what we do now, how will it be represented in the future?”

In the video, Kath explores the world of miniatures and what it means to her to be a maker.

Kath Holden