Kohler’s Rainhead Collection


WORDS Tracy Greenwood

With Kohler technology, taking a shower is not only about doing your ablutions but also about enjoying a sensory experience.

We live in a water-scarce country, which makes taking a shower the superior choice over running a bath, as it typically uses less of this precious resource. That said, not all showerheads are equal.

When choosing a new showerhead for your bathroom, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind: an efficient flow rate (if you want to be water-wise) and optimal coverage (for effective rinsing and a soothing, stress-relieving experience).

The Kohler Rainhead collection features Katalyst technology, which intensifies the flow by injecting air into the water droplets, making them larger. The generous drops offer consistent coverage and just the right amount of force while saving water.

Rainheads are available in three styles, different sizes, and a range of finishes to match Kohler’s wide variety of bathroom fixtures, including polished chrome.

For more information, visit africa.kohler.com.