Not finding the perfect rug you’ve pictured for your space? Head over to the RUGS & SUCH website, where you’ll be able to choose from over 3 000 beautiful rugs in all shapes and sizes.

RUGS & SUCH offers the largest collection of rug designs and ranges that are affordable, durable, and washable in any form. Accurate descriptions  and images are provided for each rug and design in terms of colour, material and thickness.

In fact, the RUGS & SUCH website has been designed to allow customers to search by criteria, namely by shape; colour; secondary colour; size; style; budget; and range.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for or aren’t sure of how your choice will look in your space, RUGS & SUCH will assist you in your search. Simply email a wide-angle picture of the room where you would like to put your rug of choice, and the brand will digitally insert the rug into the room to allow you to see the end result.

RUGS & SUCH also offers alterations. All pricing on the website is inclusive, and delivery to anywhere in South Africa is free.

RUGS & SUCH will be running a Black Friday special from 19 November – 25 November 2018 with savings on all rugs – keep up to date on Facebook. And if you’re looking for a festive gift idea, vouchers are also available for purchase. RUGS & SUCH will also be running a festive season special from 1 December 2018 to 18 January 2019 on all RUGS & SUCH original ranges, as well as Fotakis ranges. Any rug order within this category will get a discount of 20% for confirmed orders within this period.

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