Illustrations By Kyle Jardine

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES @kylejardineart on Instagram

Using pen, acrylics and ink, Cape Town-based artist Kyle Jardine creates pieces inspired by local architecture and his surroundings.

“I have a love for history, design, intricate pattern work, shape and colour,” says Kyle. “It is therefore by no means an accident that Cape Town’s heritage buildings have drawn me in.”

Looking at his work, you can spot some familiar haunts from around the city, which he then translates into his own unique style. “From Cape Dutch buildings to the heritage sites of the City Centre, the intricacies and design elements that decorate and layer these historic buildings is something that has captivated me,” he says. “Historic buildings have a personality and character of their own, and it is either the shape, detail or colour that draws me to reinterpret a building in my own style.”

While art has always been a part of his life, Kyle really began sketching while on his travels. Now, he begins by photographing a site and using the image as a visual reference from which to work. He creates each piece in pen, with the “errors” bringing character to individual drawings. “From there, it’s the imperfection, interpretation and general impression of the work that takes over.”

“The joy, for me, is in the quirks,” says Kyle. “The patterns, the unexpected shapes, the squiggly lines. There is something that is awakened by giving these majestic buildings a comical style in the interpretation. I see it as the defining of each piece; giving it its own personality.”

See more of Kyle’s work on Instagram.