Halo Dish Covers

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Halo Dish Covers, started by the team behind Spaza Store in Cape Town, offers a solution to single-use plastic food coverings while simultaneously promoting young entrepreneurs and their art.

With an aim to put a dent in the single-use plastic market, Halo Dish Covers contain no harmful toxins, are size flexible and machine washable – an eco-friendly choice for food storage and outdoor dining food protection.

Each handmade Halo Dish Cover promotes the work of a local artist. The covers currently feature work created by Anushka Davids, Johanna Linde, Gabriele Jacobs, Chelsea Gordon and Miro van der Vloed, with the brand planning to expand its range to include more local talent in the near future.

Miro Van der Vloed

For each cover, the Halo team brainstorms a theme and calls for submissions via colleges, universities, social media and a database of designers, inviting young artists to submit a one-page pitch motivating for their design to be featured.

Gabriele Jacobs

Featured themes include edible flowers, chosen by Anushka Davids and Johanna Linde, marine life chosen by Miro van der Vloed, and kitchen utensils, which inspired Chelsea Gordon and Gabriele Jacobs’ creations.

For more information, visit halodishcovers.com.