VISI Collab: Mia Mélange x Mieke Droomer Architects Fabric Face Masks

Local design brand Mia Mélange has teamed up with Mieke Droomer Architects to create a limited-edition range of 100% cotton face masks, exclusively for VISI.

These fabric face masks come in a custom bag and are available in four different designs, ideal for mixing and matching.

The four designs are:

Blackjack: Silhouettes of seeds, reminiscent of walks in the veld.
Ellipsis: … playing with the dots, waiting patiently for the future.
Triad: The strength of the triangle: carrying the past, present and future.
Locked: Inspired by the pad “lock” of lockdown, pulling towards freedom.

The triple-layer masks come with a filter pocket and one reusable filter, a nose wire in the seam on the bridge of the nose and elastic ties with toggles. Each mask will differ from one another, as they are individually hand-drawn. The masks measure approximately 26cm (width across the face from ear to ear) x 16cm (height from the top on the nose to the bottom under the chin). As the masks are handmade, dimensions are approximate and variances will occur.

The Mia Mélange x Mieke Droomer Architects Fabric Face Masks retail at R175 each. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of masks will be donated to FoodFlow.

Please note: These fabric face masks should not be considered sufficient protection against COVID-19. These masks are not medical-grade or surgical-grade and they are not filtered. The usage of a fabric face mask should be accompanied by strictly adhering to safe-use guidelines. It is very important to use a fabric mask properly. If these masks are not properly used, there is a risk of spreading COVID-19. A fabric face mask must be used in conjunction with good hygiene practices: additional preventative measures need to be adopted, like frequent hand-washing and social distancing. Please wash these masks before first use. For guidelines on how to wear a fabric face mask safely, visit No refunds or returns of masks.