Cool Spaces: House in Komabacho by Maki Yoshimura Architecture Office

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Tololo Studio

House in Komabacho by Maki Yoshimura Architecture Office is an unusually configured home comprised of three barn-like structures that each face a different direction to maximise use of the site.

Located in Nagoya City, Japan, the private residence sits in the corner of a bustling educational district and features three volumes stacked upon one another, forming a hierarchy of functionality. Each volume has a unique purpose and is placed on a separate platform.

Split-level interiors blur visual boundaries to welcome city scenes into the home. When looking down from the highest point within, the walls and fences that mark the boundaries of the site disappear from sight, the balconies retract into the back and the city’s road comes into view. A translucent roofed, semi-outdoor volume facing the street serves as the home’s garage, while the double-storey building behind it houses the main living spaces.

Spacious bedrooms on the ground floor lead to airy, sun-dappled living areas on the second floor. The uppermost volume is positioned diagonally to allow for optimal natural light and ventilation. It’s here habitants enjoy meals in the ‘dining hut’; a compact kitchen and dining area with a visually striking triangulated roof.

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