Cool Spaces: Abbott Claim Winery

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Designed by Soderstrom Architects and Ferar Studio, this South African Beck Family Estate Winery is the first of its kind outside of South Africa.

The concept behind the building design was to integrate the shape of the winery with the surrounding terrain. Curved living roofs mimic the undulating hills of the American Yamhill-Carlton region. Other main attractions to the space include a bespoke barrel cellar, a statement underground wine library, a fully operational production cellar and mobile bottling facility.

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The brief from owners to architects was to respect the existing integrity and character of the site. This meant tucking buildings into the hills, paring back flashy and extravagant embellishments and incorporating natural and organic materials that mirror the terrior of the terrain.

Abbott Claim Winery
Skylights in the fermentation room roof reduce the need for artificial lights accompanying the daylight filtering in through the south façade.

Using natural light as much as possible was a key factor and design feature for the build. Airfoil panels with narrow windows, glazing, and a striking oculus are used to draw natural light down into the belly of the building.

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Keeping the space devoid of clutter was a main aim – albeit tricky in a fully functioning winery. Smartly hidden pipes and cables create an overall sense of minimalism and cleanliness, while deep in the cellar, a cool quiet space for the barrels to age was imperative.

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