In Bloom: Casa “Pátios de Pétalas”

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Ivo Tavares Studio

Casa “Pátios de Pétalas” is a fusion between urban landscape and nature – with an organic design reminiscent of a flower in bloom.

Situated in Gondomar, Porto, the double-storey house known as “Pátios de Pétalas” was designed by Portuguese architect Sandra Micaela Casinha.

The architect’s selection of construction materials such as glass, aluminium, and wood accentuate the organic form of this unique home. The walls gracefully unfold like the delicate petals of a white flower, underscoring its minimalist design.

The ground floor is characterised by the curves and counter-curves of an interior wall. This distinctive architectural feature seamlessly guides visitors through the various interconnected spaces within the house. The curved staircase serves as the central focal point of the home and connects the flow of the house from one level to the next.

Upstairs, the house is enveloped by the gentle curves of the “flower petals,” which give rise to a series of inviting patios leading to the three bedrooms.

Reflecting the minimalistic architectural features, the house’s interior design embraces a muted colour palette (except from the children’s bathroom which is a delightful rosey pink). The carefully chosen furniture further enhances the sense of simplicity and tranquillity in the space. Lamps and vases crafted from bamboo and wicker, as well as solid wood elements, introduce a touch of nature. Neutral textiles are predominantly used throughout, with an occasional pop of soft colour to complement and accentuate specific areas like the kitchen.

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