Cape Town Fynbos Pop-up Hotel

WORDS Mary Garner

The Cape Town Fynbos Pop-up Hotel for two, situated on Buitengracht Street, offers you an opportunity to “sleep on nature” and experience the best of the Cape’s botanical heritage.

A joint venture between the Cape Town Fynbos Experience and Coco-Mat Cape Town, the one-room hotel is an immersive experience into the Cape’s famed vegetation.

The bed is hand-crafted using 100% natural materials, including a base made from Eucalyptus slats. The mattress is made up of layers of coconut fibre to regulate humidity and seaweed to help with breathing, thanks to the slow release of iodine.

Visitors will also experience unique, water-wise bathing, given the water shortage in the city, as well as an hour of fynbos tasting at the historic Company’s Garden before you check-in.

A night at the Cape Town Fynbos Pop-up Hotel, located on the top floor at 214 Buitengracht Street, costs R5 500 for two people sharing per night.

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