7 Smart Tech Finds You’ll Want To Own

smart tech

WORDS Amelia Brown

A snapshot of some beautiful and intelligent smart tech that is set not only to interrupt the market but also to improve the way we live.

1. Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatches

Control your music, get social media notifications, track your activity and even take a selfie, all from a classic-looking wristwatch (which you don’t have to charge) that’s been infused with smart watch technology. Personalise your functions and alerts through the app. From R3 799.

Fossil Q Nate black stainless steel smartwatch, R3 999.

Fossil Q Accomplice navy blue stainless steel smartwatch, R4 699.

For more information, visit watchrepublic.co.za or Fossil Stores.

2. Sonos One Smart Speaker

A killer speaker with future-ready voice control that’s beautiful to boot, this is the wireless device for the audiophile that cast shade on Apple’s announcement of its HomePod, the Siri-enabled speaker, set to launch early 2018. Although voice recognition is not recognised in South Africa yet, the Sonos app is continually updated with new features, services and skills, so your music and voice options keep getting better over time. Costs about R3 660.

For more information, visit sonos.com.

3. Levi’s Commuter Jacket with Jacquard by Google

A jacket tailored for the urban cyclist featuring articulated shoulders for extra manoeuvring room, reflectors, a dropped hem for coverage and a digitally connected sleeve: Google’s Jacquard technology is woven into the cuff and operated through the removable, rechargeable snap tag that you click in place like a press stud to connect to your mobile device. Customise gestures through the app, and with a tap or brush you can control music, screen phone calls or get directions. Costs R4 740.

For more information, visit levi.com.

4. Dyson Supersonic

In designing the most stylish hairdryer out there, the smart engineers at Dyson rethought the prototype, and moved the famous V9 motor (developed over 15 years) into the handle and rebalanced the device. The focus is on high-velocity air flow for quicker drying and accurate temperature control to prevent heat damage. It comes with a two-year guarantee. Costs R6 499.

For more information, visit takealot.com and dyson.co.za.

5. Tile Style and Tile Sport

Always losing your keys? This discrete Bluetooth tracker allows you to “ring your things” and let you keep track of them through an app. The Slim version fits in a wallet or passport, and can even be glued to the TV remote. Costs about R410 for the Slim.

For more information, visit thetileapp.com.

6. Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds

These compact Bluetooth earphones with seriously advanced wireless connectivity feature customisable comfortable fit options; superior sound quality for music andphone calls, with two microphones in each bud that work together to filter out background noise; and, for fitness fanatics, an in-ear precision heart rate monitor that works with the personalisable app to track and analyse your  fitness. They are waterproof and come with a three-year warranty against sweat damage. Costs R3 699.

For more information, visit takealot.com and mea.jabra.com.

7. Polaroid Snap Touch

This nifty 13 MP instant camera blends the nostalgia of Polaroids with the benefits of modern digital technology, all in a slim package (available in six colours) that fits into a pocket or clutch bag. This second-generation version of the Snap has an LCD touchscreen and prints in colour, black-and-white and vintage sepia, with or without the classic Polaroid border. Costs R1 689.

For more information, visit takealot.com and polaroid.com.