7 Home Office Designs Inspired by Fonts

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES courtesy of NeoMam Studios

Whether you’re a die-hard Helvetica fan or prefer a classic option like Baskerville, many of us have a font we prefer to use above all others.

Here, the creatives at NeoMam Studios designed seven hypothetical home offices inspired by fonts, from Futura to Comic Sans.

“We created these concepts because we wanted to explore a unique way to decorate what is usually the most dull room in the house,” says NeoMam’s Luke Doyle. “We’ve had a great response to the designs so far! Most people say that they’ve never thought of looking to fonts as a source of home design inspiration until now.”

The team chose seven fonts that they thought would be appeal to a variety of people and that could potentially translate into interiors. “We wanted the results to be creative and inspiring… some fonts like Times New Roman just didn’t make the cut!”

We previously featured NeoMam’s take on what your bedroom would look like if six film directors had control of the interiors. View the designs here.

(h/t) HomeAdvisor