13 Of The Best Pet Furniture Buys On Etsy


From delicate dinosaur ceramic containers to detailed wooden miniatures of European houses, Etsy has it all! We scoured the crafty e-commerce portal to bring you 13 of our favourite handmade furniture pieces designed by animal lovers around the globe especially for our furry friends.

1. Pettal cardboard cat furniture

SPECS: Forget the drab, beige cardboard pyramid from the pet store. This chic, contemporary cardboard playhouse and scratching post is made in Russia.

2. Design Dua bed

SPECS: A US-made basket woven from elephant grass and natural dyes. Available in three sizes with a foam cushion included.

3. The Cat Ball shark cat bed

SPECS: Made in the US from cotton, foam, “really scary shark eyeballs” and “really scary shark teeth”, the now-famous Cat Ball was designed to celebrate Shark Week. This basic hexagonal cat cave is available in different fabrics and characters, including a Vorpal Rabbit Easter Bunny.

4. The Cat Ball watermelon cat canoe

SPECS: From the same makers as the shark cat bed, here’s another cosy fabric and foam bed for the furries. We love the watermelon, but the style does come in other fabric options.

5. Cozy and Dozy cat shelf

SPECS: We know that cats love high places, so this ergonomically curved, wall-mounted cat shelf is the perfect nook for kitties. Made in Warsaw, Poland, the shelves are available in maple, walnut and wenge wood options with a range of fabrics.

6. EONeyeofnature cat chubby

SPECS: A reinforced solid pine hexagonal kitty refuge made in the States that can be stained in a variety of colours and wall mounted.

7. Catissa Cat Trees modular cat house

SPECS: To quote the Estonian makers: “Catissa preserves the living area for people, while giving an excellent top-down overview for cats […] a refuge for cats that [are] tired [of] children, dogs and other annoying beings.” The pine housing can be untreated or stained in other colours and comes with sheepskin bedding.

8. Catissa Cat Trees geobed

SPECS: A modern, Scandi-style birch plywood bed with sheepskin pillow suitable for cats and small dogs and available in natural, white and black.

9. AgnesFelt cat cave

SPECS: We featured one of Agne’s cute felt cat beds with cat ears on our list of stylish cat furniture, but we like this simple dome-shaped one too. Made in Lithuania of wool, it’s available in a variety of sizes, making it suitable for large breed or multiple cats, or dogs.

10. Like Kittysville cat wall shelf

SPECS: A wall-mounted plywood cat shelf that’s covered in a removable, washable slipcover made of three vintage fabrics that are available in different colour combos. The bed’s surface tilts slightly towards the wall, so your domestic leopard can nap without fear of slipping off.

11. Lord Paw Pets designer cat bed

SPECS: Another favourite from our list of designer feline furniture, the sculptural globe is available in white, black, gold and rose gold with a luxurious faux fur pillow inside.

12. The Studio Pines Cat Pod

SPECS: Described as an icosahedron (a polyhedron with 20 faces), this beautiful faceted wooden cat cave is made from “beetle kill” pine in Colorado – a smart, sustainable way to use “imperfect” pine. Beetle kill pine is the result of a blue stain fungus. While the fungi is burnt away during the kiln drying process, the blue pine lumber is streaked with a natural blue-grey stain.

13. SavePlace hammock

SPECS: Made to order in Lithuania, this comfortable dog or cat hammock turn chairs into a safe little napping nook for cats and small dogs. Available in different colours and fabric options.

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